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Term 1 - Week 8

The school remains open; however, the government is now encouraging students to stay at home (unless parents are working and cannot be at home) in your care, continuing with schoolwork that’s being provided for them and minimising risk and exposure to this virus using the recommendations from the government. I miss having all the children here, but I need to be obedient to government guidelines.

 Education as we have known it, has changed, just for now. It’s not forever; however, the period of time is unknown, at this point in time. The Prime Minister and health officials are keeping us up to date with the changes (there are constant changes and I will keep you updated of changes involving the school).

 Please check Skoolbag and the school’s Facebook page regularly (even during the school holidays!)  for updates.

 All staff are currently putting together packs for their classes and these will be distributed on Friday, possibly earlier. Some staff are also placing their courses online (Google Docs) especially in the secondary section of our school.  Secondary students are asked to check their school emails daily and have already been given some work to complete for English and Visual Art.

A Christian's response to COVID-19 from the USA

Coronavirus patient Clay Bentley, who is under quarantine and being treated at a Georgia hospital, shares how faith and prayers, especially from Vice President Mike Pence, has helped him and his wife stay optimistic.