Stage 3 Class

Year 5 and Year 6

The Stage 3 class is nestled in the Primary classroom area and is taught by Miss Keast. 5/6K is a small Stage 3 class, and the classroom is well equipped with laptops, iPads and an interactive whiteboard. These ICT items are used by the students to conduct research, as well as using online programs such as Mathletics, Readiwriter Spelling and Reading Eggspress. The class follows their regular routine throughout the week, including visiting the Library, taking Science lessons with Mr Heffer and participating in Sport with the Stage 2.

Highlights of the Stage 3 classroom include the Term's homework reward, for students who complete their homework on a regular basis, cooking for special occasions, and class excursions (2020 - Sovereign Hill, 2021 - Canberra). The Stage 3 class also read to younger students on a regular basis to encourage a love of reading.

Stage 3 students at DCS are able to participate in a variety of extracurricular school activities, including:

  • - Choir

  • - Chess

  • - Art Club

  • - After school Bible study

  • - Maths Olympiad competition

For more information regarding the Stage 3 class please contact the School Office on (03) 5881 5736 or you can email us

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